It may be easier to make a list of things that Goldenseal doesn’t help improve!

In the 19th century Goldenseal was prized as a cure-all. One of nature’s best natural antibiotics, this wonderful medicinal herb may improve many illnesses such as: 

  • pneumonia
  • any stomach or digestive condition
  • skin problems such as dandruff, ringworm, eczema
  • cough, chest congestion 

Native Americans would mix Goldenseal with bear grease to make bug repellent. It was also made into lotions for wounds, ulcers, sores, and inflamed eyes.

This fabulous herb is also said to improve the effectiveness of other medicinal herbs! Goldenseal combined with Echinacea is said to improve the immune system.

*Note: Echinacea should not be taken for long periods of time as the body will build up a resistance.

There’s some evidence Goldenseal can also be effective against the bacterium E. Coli. 

*Things to remember

There isn’t enough research to show Goldenseal is safe for children. 

Goldenseal should be taken in moderate doses, and pregnant women should avoid this herb.

Goldenseal may raise blood pressure.

At home we use a goldenseal tincture, but it is also available in powder, or capsules.