Medicinal Herbs

Love Dandelion

Loaded with Vitamin A, B, C and D, the root contains potassium and calcium. The key actions of Dandelion are diuretic and detoxifying.

A little history on Dandelion, a Japanese laboratory in 1999 found the dandelions anti-tumor potential and concluded that the root indeed had anti-cancer properties. 

The leaf is a diuretic and is used to treat high blood pressure by reducing the volume of fluids in the body.

Dandelion Root is one of the most effective detoxifying herbs. 

Dandelion Root and Leaf are effective in preventing gallstones. The leaf may also help dissolve already formed gallstones. 

So in the end Dandelions are our friends and not a weed! 

Never pick and eat a dandelion from someone’s yard. It may have been sprayed with a weed killer. If your yard has been sprayed with weed killer in the past don’t eat dandelions that have grown since.