Medicinal Herbs Remedies

The Power of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera does more than just heal wounds. Aloe vera bolsters the body’s defenses at the cellular level, stimulating the immune system. When taken internally it helps heal inflammation of the esophagus, stomach, and stomach ulcers. It’s also a mild laxative. When taken internally is causes the colon to contract, generally producing a bowel movement in 8-12 hours. At a low dose Aloe can stimulate digestion. 

Aloe Vera juice is a great remedy for acid reflux.

Aloe Vera has great healing properties. Studies have shown that the clear gel has a dramatic ability to heal wounds, ulcers, and burns. Adding a coat of the gel to an affected area will speed up the rate of healing. 

At home we use George’s Aloe Vera. My son who is 8 takes 1 ounce twice daily for acid reflux.